Episode #1 – “Meet VanJam” w/ Duncan Trussell, Ricky Carmona, The Spanglers

It’s the massively anticipated VanJam debut episode, recorded live from The Enchanted Enclave™! Duncan Trussell leads a Palo Santo Ceremony.  Ricky Carmona tells us “who gets it, and The Spanglers pitch 3 new revolutionary television concepts!  Plus, some song-things!  Keep expectations low and you’re in for a treat, maybe!

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Flam, Trussell, Ragland, Carmona

Flam, Trussell, Ragland, Carmona


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is something you’ve been wanting to start for a while?  What’s holding you back? Also, DO YOU LIKE US???   Please let us know in the comments.

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  • Selected Links from the Episode

  • Show Notes

    • Intro Gong [00:00]
    • Vanessa and Jamie Cold Open [00:03]
    • Abe Lincoln intros awkward rappy intro [oo:38]
    • Ricky Carmona introduces show (as taken from live VanJam show) [00:56]
    • Entrance into Multiverse [02:22]
    • Train Stop: The Enchanted Enclave [02:26]
    • Vanessa and Jamie discuss the starting of this podcast and what it is [02:34]
    • Clip from track “Rap Pat on the Back” [04:16]
    • Vital Statistics tells us more about Vanessa and Jamie [09:58]
    • “They Get It” with Ricky Carmona [13:42]
    • Song: BC/Struggle [27:19]
    • Li’l Miss Thorndike introduces interview with Duncan Trussell [28:20]
    • Duncan Trussell conversation [30:06]
      • Power of live performance
      • Power of medium of podcasting
      • Power of ceremony
      • Palo Santa burning and Om chanting
    • Vanessa and Jamie introduce The Spanglers [52:32]
    • The Spanglers pitch three new television concepts with trailers: [54:10]
      • Substitute Beach Tazer Cops [57:51]
      • Planet Creatorz [59:30]
      • Carrots 2 Karats [01:02:03]
    • Vanessa and Jamie outro [01:05:20]
    • Rap Pat On The Back [01:10:44]
    • Outro Gong [01:12:15]

    People Mentioned

  • Quotables

    • “We’re just a cloud of phenomena that is being formed into shape and experience via our brains.” – Duncan Trussell
    • “Aha!  Only a member of fart patrol would want to destroy me!” – The Fart Patrol Robot


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