Episode #2 – Frimbles Forest w/ Brendon Small, Drella & Blim, The Smoke Duck

VANJAM_EPISODE2If two times is the charm, then this podcast… is the charm. Recorded in The Enchanted Enclave™, this episode includes a special “Sweet 16” with Brendon Small (Metalocalypse, Home Movies), a tender conversation about the elusive Smoke Duck, a community sanctioned airing of “Rock and Scroll”, and an introduction to the world of Tree Mammiles Drella & Blim. You’re going to listen and be like “ok!”

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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What are your favorite things that comes in two’s? Also, DO YOU LIKE US??? (Hint: Even if you don’t, you can lie!) Please let us know in the comments.

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Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

  • Cold Open [0:00]
  • Frimbles Forest [0:52]
  • Train to Enchanted Enclave [3:40]
  • 2’s My Lucky Number rap [4:00]
  • Episode 2 Begins [4:37]
  • GeoStats from Episode 1 [6:22]
  • Call to Action Part 1 – What to call the Fans? (both hand and human) [10:31]
  • Call to Action Part 2 – Make Some Art [12:15]
  • Jamie and Vanessa’s Big Meeting [12:48]
  • Vanessa & Jamie preview convo with Brendon Small [17:11]
  • Jamie introduces Brendon Small [18:10]
  • Jamie mentions epic live VanJam moment with Brendon Small [19:40]
  • Brendon Small gives show pitching advice [23:11]
  • Brendon Small answers the VanJam Sweet 16 [34:10]
  • Ernie the Weimeraner [42:15]
  •  Thetans are mentioned [52:30] (Scientology)
  • Star Wars and FlashGordon are mentioned, Freddie Mercury, Brian May [56:05]
  • Vanessa makes a freaks reference “one of us” [58:35]
  • Brendon Small played the flute on Comedy Bang Bang [1:03:45]
  • Brendon Small’s Preferred Superpower [1:05:11]
  • Archive Time: Rock and Scroll [1:07:38]
  • Jamie & Vanessa Discuss Meditation [1:13:37]
    • The Smoke Duck is born
    • A Lot of Duck Noises and a Classic Duck Joke [1:25:20]
  • Back to Drella & Blim [1:28:14]
  • Om Your Way Home, beatboxing track by Long Shot listener Nathan [1:31:47]
  • Outro: Twin Rap with Cereal ft. Count Chocula [1:32:59]

People Mentioned


  • “It’s locking yourself in with a monster” -Brendon Small on the hardest part of the creative process, referencing Young Frankenstein (somewhere around 36:45) (references young frankenstein
  • “Never mind this bullshit. It gets way better after this”–Brendon Small (the plaque Brendon Small would leave at his high school)
  • “Chasing the Smoke Duck”–an expression coined by Vanessa that refers to pursuing an elusive, probably impossible goal
  • “True art is made when you’re communing with the universe, blah blah blah.” –Jamie
  • “If you’re being threatened by a person, push them to their brink. Get out there, find your aggressors, and aggress back.” -Vanessa


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