Episode #3: Cup of Three w/ Open Mike Eagle & Mama Class, Sam Prekop, and The Spanglers (Music Episode)

VanJam_EPISODE3Raise three glasses, or should we say three CUPS, to the third overall episode and first music episode of VanJam! Featuring a rap lesson between Open Mike Eagle and Vikki “Mama Class” Flam, a song about poo-poo, an interview with musician Sam Prekop of The Sea and Cake, a visit from The Spanglers who are pitching their new Fall movie concept, and more!  Plus support our friends in Not The 1’s 12 inch vinyl picture disc Kickstarter campaign!

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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Have you ever been involved in a non-sexual threesome?  What does that mean?  And seriously, DO YOU LIKE US??? (Please tell us you like us.) Please let us know in the comments.

Scroll below for episode links and show notes!


Selected Links from the Episode
* thank you for compiling Maria!)

Show Notes

  • Episode 3 Intro [0:00]
  • Some English moors on the western side, many years ago…[1:10]
  • Song: Cup of Three [3:30]
  • Entering the Multiverse [4:45]
  • Happy in a Tree [5:20]
  • Jamie Gets Vulnerable [8:00]
  • Vanessa & Jamie’s Weird Gym [8:37]
  • Some Positive Things [11:15]
  • Jamie’s Mom is Introduced [16:27]
  • Feature: Jamie’s Mom & Open Mike Eagle [18:35]
  • Jamie’s Mom Raps [24:46]
  • Open Mike Eagle Weighs In [28:40]
  • Another Verse [32:00]
  • Song: Who Here Likes to Eat Their Own Poopoo [42:57]
  • Interview: Sam Prekop [48:25]
  • The Spanglers [1:02:27]
  • Song: Unsubtractable
  • Film Excerpt: Wistful City Harvest (Dyin’ This Fall)
  • Song: Lightyears – Not The Ones [1:16:38]
  • Back to the Moors [1:18:38]


  • “Today is a great day to let go of your preconceptions, listener.” –Vanessa
  • “Anyone who isn’t into that song and can’t see that it’s delightful? Go home. You’re not ready for Flam.” –Vanessa on Who Here Likes to Eat Their Own Poopoo
  • “My rap name is Mama Class.” –Vikki Flam



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