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Reality Mites (A Film)
It’s the late 1990’s and everybody’s itching. But what does it mean to be a dust mite in a post-grunge Seattle in the last decade of the 20th century? A day in the lives of Dustin and Dusty.

Kitten vs…? (Web Series)
You pick the opponent, we’ll bring the kitten.

Lander’s Crossing (Comic Book)
Set in the fictional mill town of Landers, four wheelchair bound 50somethings have big city dreams but no money. When Joey, a precocious 11 year old moves to town with Becca, his adventurous 49 year young mother and befriend the gang, they think why not bring the big city to US? Four days later they break ground on the world’s biggest skyscraper.   In the second issue, the gang order a vintage Broadway marquee that gives downtown Landers a real downtown “vibe.”

You’ll Never Believe That (Book of Essays)
Sixth-graders read ghost stories that are too crazy to be true.

Hop On! (Rollercoaster)
The first amphibious roller-coaster EVER. You start as a tadpole, and by the second loop-de-loop we’ll be damned if you don’t have legs. Hop on!

Love Blast
Do you think your partner is cheating? We destroy relationships and blow up the monogamy sham with hidden cameras and a seductive cast of improvisers. You’ll want to DVR this one… secretly.

One, Two, Three… WHACK! (Video Game)
Counting as a contact sport.

A, B, C…. SMACK! (Video Game)
The alphabet as a contact sport.

Delusions of Grandmore (Podcast)
Hosts Lachelle and Ethan interview Grandmore’s most delusional residents. Sit down and relax, this podcast comes in at a whopping 4+ hours an episode. In episodes 1 and 2 Lachelle and Ethan interview the owner of “Glass Art by Carla,” Carla.

Fish in the Sky
Blondelle, an infected goldfish is afraid she is dying after ingesting expired fish food. Turns out she wasn’t dying so much as she was… becoming a seagull. She never saw this coming. How will she woo Tommy, her human owner, into pursuing an inter-species relationship? Like her mom always said, “love starts with a glance, and ends with lightning.” But what does it mean? A 7 week journey into self teaches her that lightning was a metaphor for something. But what? She’ll have to take it up with her new seagull friends. But will the other seagulls let her into their exclusive flock? And does she need to migrate? If so, how will this affect her growing love for her owner? And what was the metaphor? And will she still be able to breathe under water? Will she now be forced to eat her own kind? Another 7 week journey into self teaches her to stop asking so many questions and to just feel. Birds of a feather flock together but goldfish turned birds stand alone. With solitude comes peace. Right? Blondelle is going to find out, or kill herself trying.

Hat Justice
People’s Court meets hats.  Presided over by Judge Cap.  In Chapeau, Louisiana there’s the people’s justice, and then there’s… hat justice.

My Gal, Marmalade
It’s the roaring twenties, and off-duty flapper Wednesday Bryant discovers she’s a lesbian.  She also discovers that  the only thing sweeter than the love of a woman, is the embrace of a female jar of sweet apricot preserves.  My gosh, you’ll love, My Gal, Marmalade.

Fire Station!
In every episode of this show, a fire breaks out at the fire station.  Who will put it out?  The firemen of course.  But how?  Their friendships.  And hoses.

Tugboat & Pants
A tugboat and his best friend, a care-free pair of empowered walk-alone pants, explore the world one port at a time.  And in case you’re wondering who wears the pants in this relationship?  It’s the walk-alone pants.  Which pisses off the tugboat to no end.  This is the dichotomy that drives this show from port to port.  You’re gonna love this show so much.

Actors, LA
A struggling group of actors in Los Angeles create a web series to launch them to the top… of the world’s largest thermometer?!  You better flerpin’ believe it!

This ensemble cast of 50 ant paramedics (with the strength of 500 cricket paramedics) spend their days keeping the colony safe, while exploring the bonuses and pitfalls of monogamy.  Featuring Doctors Juicy and Bruce, the original Ambulants, and the voice of Kyra Sedgwick.

Dustbunny & Frank
What happens when cleaning your room requires killing your best friend?  In Frank’s case, it means creating weird, secretive art projects (mostly piñatas) to hide his dust bunny friends.  Anne Frank, watch your back; these dust bunnies keep a diary too (a bullet journal, really), and it’s awesome, if illegible.

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