Episode #1 – “Meet VanJam” w/ Duncan Trussell, Ricky Carmona, The Spanglers

It’s the massively anticipated VanJam debut episode, recorded live from The Enchanted Enclave™! Duncan Trussell leads a Palo Santo Ceremony.  Ricky Carmona tells us “who gets it, and The Spanglers pitch 3 new revolutionary television concepts!  Plus, some song-things!  Keep expectations low and you’re in for a treat, maybe!

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Flam, Trussell, Ragland, Carmona

Flam, Trussell, Ragland, Carmona


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is something you’ve been wanting to start for a while?  What’s holding you back? Also, DO YOU LIKE US???   Please let us know in the comments.

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